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Our identity

Created in 2008, SPH Conseil (Public Health Care Consulting) is a subsidiary of the FHF (Fédération Hospitalière de France). Its aim is to facilitate and strengthen the development of public health service by involving all the organizations or actors working in medical care and public health services.

SPH Conseil proposes its expertise in consulting, audit, organization of events (conferences, seminars ...) training and publishing.

SPH Conseil combines pragmatism and strong knowledge of the best consulting firms’ methodology to achieve a single goal: your performance.

The company’s small and human size allows its employees to be close to you and be attentive to your expectations. We carefully listen to your request and expectations. Together, we define your needs to offer you our best national and international experts and find out the most efficient solutions.

Our purpose is to promote and develop high quality health services, in France and all over the world. To reach this target, we work only with recognized and experienced experts and partners to offer customers the best. SPH Conseil also relies on the FHF network.

Our company

"Together, let’s improve your company’s performance"

SPH Council provides both innovative and pragmatic solutions which match your needs in different areas of expertise: strategy, management, Human Resources, finance and decision support, social support, political environment, in France and abroad.

Our tools and methods are mainly based on experience sharing and provide a high quality offer to decision makers (directors, doctors, nurses, finances managers, supply chain…) working in hospitals as well as to partners, industrial suppliers and institutional organizations.

Our expertise


SPH Council seeks the best skills and mobilizes the most experienced consultants and experts. Our consultants and experts master both technical skills and project management methodology.

Areas of expertise: environmental health sector in France (launching and setting up of the HPST law) and abroad, audits and strategical projects, management, finance and decision support, health information system, biomedical laboratory, retirement homes, Human Resources, design of specific products.


Transition management

Looking for a Manager for a few months? Need a 100% Project Management while your teams are unavailable ?

SPH Conseil proposes you a transition manager who will carry out your project and train and your team so that autonomous.

Themes : Finances, Controlling, Information System, HR, Logistics, Medical Information.

Methods and Tools

  • Economic and financial simulation: SPH Conseil has designed an exclusive decision support tool through which you can elaborate different scenarios and immediately get a clear vision of their feasibility. You can then simulate a restructuration project in medical, administrative, logistical or technical services.
  • HR management tools: Human Resources management is based on specific decision support tools. SPH Conseil puts at your disposal innovative and reactive tools (such as the "missions activities interactions" card) to realize studies (for example on sectoral reorganization, on cooperation between institutions, on the implementation of a social policy,…) to achieve your strategy decisions.

Conferences/Seminars/Vocational training

Our conferences and seminars create a suitable environment to professional meetings and exchanges, in adequacy with your needs and expectations.

The topics of SPH Conseil events are always connected to the latest medical, health care or health management news and are close to your daily concerns.

  • Symposiums « rendez-vous » : thematic and annual symposiums (ENCC, RH,…)
  • Symposiums « actualité-réactivité » : health information online
  • Seminars : professional exchanges and share of experiences
  • Trainings : dedicated to decision makers such as doctors, nurses, logisticians and managers, our training sessions mix skills and experiences.
  • Fairs : Hôpital Expo, Geront Expo, HIT,…


  • The magazine : Through "TECHNIQUES HOSPITALIERES", writers and readers share and compare their experience. The scientific magazine emphases the diversity of technical and practical activities in medical care and public health service.
  • Other publications : Atlas, Atlas of cooperation, practical guides...

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